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Launch of Nelson's First Ever Rum School
A Journey into the World of Rum In a thrilling expansion of our dedication to craft spirits, we at Nelson's Distillery are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our first-ever Rum School taking place Saturday 24th June 2023. Following...
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World Gin Day 2023
As we head into the merry month of June, gin enthusiasts across the globe will share a collective smile, because the most awaited day of the year is nearly upon us - World Gin Day!
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Gluggle Jug Gin Rickey
The Gin Rickey is a classic cocktail known for its refreshing blend of gin, lime, and club soda. A true summer staple, this easy-to-make drink is light, crisp, and perfect for sipping on a warm day. We've taken the classic Gin Rickey and added a delightful twist by using Nelson's Citrus Gluggle Jug Gin, which brings an extra burst of zesty flavour to this already invigorating cocktail.
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Timur Gin Paloma
The Paloma cocktail is a classic Mexican drink known for its refreshing combination of tequila, grapefruit, and lime flavours. While the traditional Paloma is already a favourite among many, we've decided to add an exciting twist to this beloved beverage by incorporating Nelson's Timur Gin. The unique citrus and mouth-numbing properties of Timur Gin blend beautifully with the bright flavours of the Paloma, taking this delightful cocktail to new heights.
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