Botanicals in jar at Nelson's Gin, Rum & Vodka School

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Roy Wood Cherry Blossom Supergin: A Spring Celebration
The Roy Wood Cherry Blossom Supergin is not just a new addition to his portfolio; it's a departure into a completely unique style of gin. Inspired by his classic hit "Cherry Blossom Clinic" with The Move, the gin features a subtle floral profile with a distinct cherry back note that perfectly captures the essence of spring blossom in every sip.
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Nelson's Distillery & School - Actually Made In Staffordshire
Being a craft distiller blends the joy of creativity with the dedication to craftsmanship. At Nelson’s Distillery, we take pride in our hands-on approach. Every batch of Nelson’s Gin is distilled, quality-controlled, bottled, waxed, and labelled entirely by hand, then carefully packed for distribution. We believe this hands-on involvement enriches the authenticity of our brand and underscores the importance of supporting local craft producers.
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Dr. Roy Wood's return to Nelson’s Distillery & School
Under the expert guidance of Neil Harrison, Nelson’s founder and Master Distiller, Roy embarked on a journey not just to create but to innovate, developing multiple recipes for his latest gin release. Drawing from a rich palette of over 60 botanicals available at our school—and a selection of botanicals Roy personally curated from his travels—the duo's collaboration resembled a symphony, with each note carefully chosen and blended.
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