World Gin Day 2023

World Gin Day 2023 - Nelson's Distillery & School

Celebrate World Gin Day in Style with Nelson's Exclusive Offer!

As we head into the merry month of June, gin enthusiasts across the globe will share a collective smile, because the most awaited day of the year is nearly upon us - World Gin Day!

This day is a worldwide celebration of all things gin, where juniper junkies raise a toast to this timeless spirit. Here at Nelson’s, we share the enthusiasm and love for gin with our ardent supporters and therefore, have crafted an exclusive offer to mark the occasion.

The history of gin is rich and varied, from its medicinal use in medieval times to its popularity in the modern craft spirits scene. We're proud to carry on the tradition of crafting high-quality gins that elevate this spirit's charm and appeal. We’re all about honouring the classics while infusing creativity and a touch of Nelson's magic.

World Gin Day is a wonderful opportunity for us to spread the joy of gin even further. So, to make the celebration even more exciting this year, we're treating every customer who purchases a 70cl bottle from our award-winning range of craft spirits to a FREE Nelson's Gin miniature!

The miniatures are selected randomly from our delightful range, allowing you to embark on a delightful gin exploration. We promise you won't get two of the same, ensuring each miniature adds a unique flair to your gin experience. And here's the best part - the more 70cl bottles you purchase, the more free miniatures you'll receive!

But note, our special offer excludes our Nelson's Navy Strength miniatures and cannot be used with any other discount or offers. If a discount code is applied the free miniature will not be included in your order.

This exciting offer ends on World Gin Day itself, Saturday, June 10th, at the stroke of midnight. We can't think of a better way to celebrate World Gin Day than by expanding your gin horizons with us.

So, as we gear up to raise a glass (or a gin-filled tumbler, in this case) to World Gin Day, we invite you to join us in this celebration. Head over to our online shop, choose your favourite 70cl bottle, and await the delightful surprise that comes with it.

Cheers to the magic of gin!