Matt Tebbutt's Guilty Pleasure Gin

BBC Saturday Kitchen
host, Matt Tebbutt, has linked up with award-winning Staffordshire distiller Nelson’s Distillery & School to produce a new limited edition
Guilty Pleasure Gin.

Inspired by the flavours found in Matt’s kitchen, this unconventional London Dry boasts bold citrus notes of pink grapefruit, lime, and Szechuan pepper, inducing a slight tingling numbness to the tongue. The finish is a subtle kick from cubeb pepper.

Matt said:
I had always been interested in producing my own spirit, especially with this recent explosion of gin. You see lots of other people doing it and you think, I fancy having a crack at that.

I happened upon Nelson’s Timur Gin and it was just delicious. You smell it and suddenly it’s exciting. It sets itself apart from all other gins. I knew then I wanted these guys to produce my gin. I like big strong punchy flavours, like grapefruit, like citrus fruits and obviously juniper. I took a little nod from Nelson’s Timur Gin with the Szechuan pepper and those kind of spicy notes. Nothing too subtle! 

Neil Nelson’s founder and Master Distiller said: 

Timur has always been a relatively unknown ingredient, we’re the only known gin distiller that uses it as a key flavour. When we saw it used in a recipe on Saturday Kitchen we just had to send them a bottle (or two).

Matt was a huge fan! He got in contact to say how much he loved the product and from then on we’ve built up this great friendship and have secretly been developing Matt’s own personal gin. 

It’s been an absolute honour to work alongside Matt, our tastes are very similar… the bigger the bolder the flavour the better. This gin is certainly that! 

The much-loved TV personality and renowned chef known for presenting such shows as Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped, Celebration Kitchen and most famously BBC’s Saturday Kitchen has followed in the footsteps of fellow chef Michel Roux Jr to produce his very own gin with Nelson’s Distillery & School.

In 2021 Michel Roux Jr. partnered with Staffordshire distiller, Nelson’s Distillery & School to create the pouring gin for his famous fine dining restaurant - Le Gavroche, based on Upper Brook Street, Mayfair, London. 

2022 saw the release of Michel Roux Gin, a recipe that celebrates Michel's incredible culinary knowledge and refined palate.

Matt Tebbutt’s Guilty Pleasure Citrus Spiced Gin and Michel Roux Jr. Gin are both available to purchase from Nelson's online store.

Matt Tebbutt's Guilty Pleasure Gin
Matt Tebbutt's Guilty Pleasure Gin
Matt Tebbutt's Guilty Pleasure Gin
Matt Tebbutt's Guilty Pleasure Gin
Matt Tebbutt's Guilty Pleasure Gin
Matt Tebbutt's Guilty Pleasure Gin

Matt Tebbutt's Guilty Pleasure Gin

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Matt Tebbutt's Guilty Pleasure Citrus Spiced Gin is an enticing and tantalising London Dry led by zesty tones of citrus with a pleasurable pepper finish. Indulge in Matt's secret blend of botanicals including pink grapefruit, lime and Sichuan pepper which will leave your taste buds tingling for more.