Dr. Roy Wood's return to Nelson’s Distillery & School

Roy Wood and Neil Harrison at Nelson's Distillery & School

Dr. Roy Wood's return to Nelson’s Distillery & School on the 21st of March, 2024, wasn't just another visit; it was a celebration of his fourth year collaborating with us at our newly awarded Staffordshire Experience of the Year – Nelson’s Gin, Vodka & Rum School.

Crafting New Recipes

Under the expert guidance of Neil Harrison, Nelson’s founder and Master Distiller, Roy embarked on a journey not just to create but to innovate, developing multiple recipes for his latest gin release. Drawing from a rich palette of over 60 botanicals available at our school—and a selection of botanicals Roy personally curated from his travels—the duo's collaboration resembled a symphony, with each note carefully chosen and blended.

As they exchanged ideas with the ease of seasoned musicians composing a song, Roy and Neil crafted four uniquely distinct recipes. Each one, a testament to their shared dedication to artistry and innovation. Now, Roy faces the enviable challenge of selecting just one to be his next signature creation. In keeping with tradition, Roy will also lend his artistic touch to the label, marrying his passion for art with his dedication to gin crafting.

Roy Wood selecting botanicals at Nelson's Gin, Vodka & Rum School Roy Wood with Neil Harrison at Nelson's Gin Vodka & Rum School smelling botanicals

Where it all began

Over the years, Roy's collaborations with Nelson’s have not only been popular—they've become legends in their own right. His inaugural gin, 'Christmas Cheer,' launched in the winter of 2021, was a bold departure from traditional holiday spirits. Its label bore the unmistakable mark of Roy's rock and gothic flair, while its contents—a harmonious blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, with a sweet touch of Madagascan vanilla and rose—encapsulated the essence of Christmas at a potent 57% ABV.

A Year-Round Spirit

Inspired by the success of Christmas Cheer, Roy, bitten by the distilling bug, sought to create a spirit that could be cherished year-round. This ambition led to 'Blackberry Way Supergin,' his second venture with Nelson’s, paying tribute to his hit with The Move. With its robust 45% ABV and fruity fusion, this creation not only raised the bar for gins but further established Roy as a pioneer of 'Supergins.'

Celebrating a Classic

The 50th Anniversary of "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day" in 2023 was marked by another collaboration, resulting in a commemorative bottle that became an instant classic, thanks in part to Roy's design and its signature 45% ABV. The campaign surrounding this launch infused the festive season with additional excitement, drawing fans and newcomers together in a push to crown the iconic song as Christmas Number 1—a feat it just missed upon its initial release in 1973.

The Anticipation Builds

As we eagerly anticipate Roy's decision on his latest creation, we invite you to join our journey of innovation and excellence in spirit crafting. What do you think has inspired Roy's newest gin? Which song, which moment? Stay connected with Nelson's Distillery & School by signing up for our newsletter, and be the first to know about our new releases, exclusive events, and behind-the-scenes insights.