London Dry Ginuary Week 4: Le Gavroche Gin

Le Gavroche Gin with Michel Roux Jr.

As we conclude our London Dry Ginuary campaign, it's fitting to celebrate with Michel Roux Jr's Le Gavroche Gin, paying tribute to the iconic 2 Michelin Star restaurant in London. Founded by Michel’s father, the late Albert Roux OBE, and uncle, Michel Roux Sr OBE, the restaurant closed its doors this month after an impressive 56 years of service.

Once the house pour at the iconic restaurant, Michel’s Le Gavroche Gin boasts beautiful notes of rosemary, thyme, orange, and lavender, bringing together floral, herbaceous, and spice flavours to create the essence of Provence. The delicate spirit is perfect for sipping neat or enjoyed in sophisticated cocktails.

Tasting Notes of Le Gavroche Gin


A light and fragrant citrus aroma at first, which is attractively juniper-led. This initial scent is complemented by subtle herbaceous notes that add depth and complexity to the bouquet.


The herbaceous notes detected on the nose are seamlessly integrated, offering a harmonious blend of flavours. The palate is further distinguished by a delicate hint of lavender, adding a unique and elegant floral touch. The texture is rich and creamy, contributing to the overall luxurious feel of the gin.


Marked by subtle spice notes, which leave a lasting impression that is both refined and memorable. This spicy character adds a warm and inviting complexity to the finish, perfectly rounding off the tasting experience.

Le Gavroche Perfect Serve Le Gavroche French 75