Le Gavroche Gin by Michel Roux Jr.

Michel Roux Jr holding bottle of Le Gavroche Gin

Star chef cooks up a storm at Staffordshire distillery

A leading Staffordshire craft gin distillery has linked up with world renowned chef Michel Roux Jr to create a special new product.

Nelson’s Distillery & School, based in Uttoxeter, has partnered with the two Michelin star chef to produce the new ultra-premium Le Gavroche Gin, as a tribute to Michel’s restaurant of the same name.

Nelson’s Distillery & School founder and master distiller Neil Harrison is also a former chef.

After being impressed by tasting Nelson’s three-star Great British Taste Timur Gin, Michel visited the gin company’s headquarters in Uttoxeter in Staffordshire to help create the new spirit, which will be available to purchase from his classic two Michelin star French restaurant based on Upper Brook Street in London.

The Le Gavroche Gin is a unique combination of 28 botanicals blended together by Michel and Neil and brings together floral, herbaceous and spice flavours to create the essence of Provence. It will make its debut as a pouring gin at Le Gavroche this Friday.

Michel said: “I’m extremely honoured to have worked with Nelson’s Distillery to create an ultra-premium gin that we will be proud to serve at our restaurants.

“I was seeking a premium craft gin partner to work with on this product and, by chance, I got to sample Nelson’s unique Timur Gin made from a Szechuan pepper only found in Nepal.

“I was extremely impressed and the taste was unique and wonderful so I knew immediately the distiller had a true understanding of developing flavour combinations.

“When I investigated further, it was no surprise to me that Neil also has a background as a chef.

“I look forward to a truly successful partnership with Nelson’s and making the gin available to our diners at Le Gavroche.”

Neil, who is also the owner of Nelson’s, added: “This is a landmark moment for us as a business and I’m incredibly proud to work so closely with Michel on the Le Gavroche Gin.

“I’ve always admired Michel and his work as a chef and I’ve been fortunate to meet him on a few occasions.

“For someone of Michel’s standing to provide such excellent feedback on our Timur Gin and then approach us to say he would like to make a gin together has been hugely rewarding.

“It was fantastic to welcome Michel to the Nelson’s Distillery and we have spent quite some time perfecting the Le Gavroche Gin, experimenting with flavour combinations and ensuring we produce the best gin we possibly could.”

The gin will also be sold through Le Gavroche and Nelson’s online shops.

Le Gavroche Gin
Le Gavroche Gin - Nelson's Distillery & School
Le Gavroche Gin - Nelson's Distillery & School
Le Gavroche Gin
Le Gavroche Gin

Le Gavroche Gin

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Designed by the acclaimed Michelin Star Chef Michel Roux Jr., who attended Nelson's Gin, Vodka & Rum School to personally develop its recipe, Le Gavroche Gin is a testament to the fusion of culinary artistry and distillation craftsmanship. This exceptional gin harmoniously blends 28 botanicals to encapsulate the essence of Provence, offering a sophisticated palette of floral, herbaceous, and spice notes.

Distilled in the heart of Staffordshire at Nelson's Distillery, Le Gavroche Gin stands as a symbol of innovation and tradition. It delivers a taste experience that mirrors the beauty of Southern France, making each sip a journey to its sun-drenched landscapes.

Perfect for those who appreciate the finer things, Le Gavroche Gin is ideal for sipping neat, mixed with tonic, or as a base in elegant cocktails. Experience the creativity of Michel Roux Jr. and the legacy of Nelson's Distillery with every glass.