Introducing the Glitz & Glamour Gin: Adding a Sparkle to Charity Support

Here at Nelson's Distillery & School, we are thrilled to be part of an exciting collaboration with the dynamic duo behind the incredible fundraising initiative, Glitz and Glamour. Caz Harris and Kay Platt, the driving forces behind Glitz and Glamour, have embarked on a new adventure to create a unique gin that's not only a delightful tipple but also a way to contribute to their chosen charities.

Crafted with care at our distillery near Uttoxeter, the Glitz & Glamour Gin features a touch of magic - sparkling through each sip to add an extra touch of glamour. Working closely with Caz and Kay, our team has meticulously selected a blend of botanicals and flavours that bring a distinctive character to this exquisite gin.

The official launch of this special gin is set to take place at St John Street's Green Man on Friday, March 22 2019. With every £40 bottle purchased, £9 will be dedicated to supporting Glitz and Glamour's selected charities: the Derby Breast Unit and the Derby-based One Voice Gynaecological Support Group. This is not just a gin; it's a way to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Glitz & Glamour Charity Gin with pick background and pink flowers.

Caz Harris shared her excitement about the collaboration, "It's our very own gin, The Glitz and Glamour gin, with a sparkle. Of course, we had to have sparkle; it adds to the glitz and glamour. Myself and Kay have picked out the flavours to bring you this exquisite taste, working very excitedly alongside Nelson's gin distillery, with kind thanks to Neil who gave us this chance to make our very own gin and to Ruth for all her hard work and input."

You can join this wonderful cause by grabbing a bottle of Glitz & Glamour Gin, available for purchase at Kay and Co Hair Salon in Compton, or directly from Nelson's Distillery. By enjoying this remarkable gin, you're not only treating your taste buds to a fantastic experience but also contributing to Glitz and Glamour's mission of making a positive impact on their community.

Through their charity balls and sales of various merchandise, Glitz and Glamour has already raised an astounding sum of nearly £70,000 for their chosen charities. With the launch of the Glitz & Glamour Gin, this impressive journey of support continues, and we're incredibly proud to be part of it.

Stay tuned for more updates as we celebrate the launch of the Glitz & Glamour Gin and the remarkable achievements of Caz, Kay, and the entire Glitz and Glamour team. Cheers to a sparkling future filled with both glamour and goodwill!