Celebrating Staffordshire's rich pottery heritage: Nelson's Distillery & School's journey

Celebrating Staffordshire's rich pottery heritage: Nelson's Distillery & School's journey - Nelson's Distillery & School

At Nelson's Distillery & School, we're not only passionate about creating exceptional spirits but also about embracing the rich cultural heritage of our home, Staffordshire. The region, known as 'the Creative County,' is renowned for its vibrant cultural scene and distinctive pottery history.

In 2018, we made a significant and impactful decision to transition from using standard clear glass bottles to our now-iconic white ceramic bottles, produced locally in Staffordshire. This strategic move not only elevated our brand's presentation and aesthetics but also paid homage to the region's rich pottery heritage. By sourcing the bottles from within Staffordshire, we strengthened our connection to the local community and further solidified our commitment to supporting the area's long-standing traditions and craftsmanship.


Nelson's Gluggle Jug Gin stacked at Wade Ceramics


The pinnacle of our gin range is Nelson's Gluggle Jug Gin, inspired by the famous gurgling fish jug first introduced by Thomas Forester & Son in Staffordshire during the late 1800s, and subsequently produced by the renowned Staffordshire pottery firm, Wade Ceramics. This fan-favourite flavour was brought to life through a collaboration with Craft Gin Club and Staffordshire's own Sarah Willingham, a former Dragon on Dragons' Den and proud patron of the region where she was born.


Nelson's Gluggle Jug Gin presents a harmonious blend of bold flavours that strike the perfect balance. Building on a foundation of classic juniper, the gin boasts a delightful mix of sweet and sour citrus notes that invigorate the senses. The fragrant green cardamom lends an aromatic touch, seamlessly complementing the sweet and spicy combination of pink peppercorns and hibiscus. This expertly crafted gin is an experience in itself, taking your taste buds on a journey through a symphony of flavours that is both satisfying and memorable. The beautiful ceramic bottle features the Gluggle Jug fish and tagline: Spirt of Staffordshire on the front of the bottle.

At Nelson's Distillery & School, we're proud to be a part of Staffordshire's thriving creative community, and we look forward to continuing to celebrate the region's unique heritage through our handcrafted spirits.

70cl Gluggle Jug Gin - Nelson's Distillery & School
70cl Gluggle Jug Gin with botanicals around bottle.
Gluggle Jug gin & tonic in Nelson's branded gin glass.
Gluggle Jug Gin
Gluggle Jug Gin
Gluggle Jug Gin

Gluggle Jug Gin

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A zesty variety of sweet and sour citrus notes that build beautifully on the juniper base. The aromas of the aromatic green cardamom complement the sweetness and spice of the pink peppercorns and hibiscus on the palate.

This exceptional gin was Craft Gin Club's Gin of the Month in June 2019 and subsequently voted the 'Best Gin of 2019 at the Craft Gin Club Big Gin Awards